Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Adventures in revision

Revising Never Love a Stranger continues to be slow going. It's my first time travel-- I'm discovering I really prefer to write contemporary, but sometimes you have to go where the muse takes you, and I really HAD to write Stranger. It grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go till I started typing. However, the time travel aspect of the story has resulted in a very complex plot, and I'm finding it difficult to tie up all the ends in a nice neat bow. The secondary characters have also notified me they will require at least one sequel, which was totally unplanned when I started this project.

Stranger also has some other oddities that make it tough to write. It's the first book I've written that's from a single point of view. Although it's written in third person, the book is exclusively from Annie's POV-- we never get a glimpse into James' thought processes or emotions. (You'll understand why I did this when you read the book.) This means it's unusually difficult to make James a fully fleshed-out character. Despite this handicap, though, James is such a nice guy that I love him, and I think readers will too... he's easily the sweetest hero I've ever written (not to mention the most unusual). In fact, I love all these characters, and that's keeping me going right now... my characters NEED me to work this tangled mess out and tell their story clearly. So I will. But I suspect I'll spend a lot of the intervening time muttering rude words under my breath!

In other news, I won Gaelen Foley's latest book in a chat last night. I'm thrilled-- she's one of my all-time favorite historical authors! I love her Knight series and can't wait to read this one.

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