Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My new cover!

Ooooh, I got my cover for NEVER LOVE A STRANGER! Click on the words "my new cover!" to see it. Sorry, I know there's a way to add pictures to this blog, but I'm just not blog-savvy enough yet!

This is my first cover by Kat Richards (the other NCP covers have all been by Eliza Black). I like Kat's work-- her people look good, and not Poserish, although they are slightly more idealized than Eliza's, I think. And she seems to prefer plain backgrounds, which I think works well in e-publishing, where readers often decide to buy your book based on a thumbnail picture.

DH only did a minor update on my website last night because we're still trying to iron out the details of our Tennessee trip. Tonight he'll have to add my cover. This is one good thing about having an in-house Web God... he can update several times during a week if he needs to, and he never charges extra for it:-).

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