Saturday, August 28, 2004


I've spent the morning promoting the release of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER. I sent out a newsletter to eighty-six people. I sent announcements to ten different Yahoogroups (I hate cross posting to that extent and only do it when I have a new release). Since STRANGER wasn't finished early, and I was unable to send out ARCs, I had no reviews to quote, so I jazzed up my announcments a bit by including the cover (on the groups that permit HTML) and a brief synopsis of the book. There are over 3000 people on the groups I sent promos to, although there naturally is a whole lot of overlap. I also put promos on three romance site boards, and emailed two romance review sites with Author News sections. And last night Don did update my website and put a link to the NCP page where readers can buy my book.

Does any of this do me any good? I'm not sure. I've done this in the past for my other books, and none of them have sold fabulously. But I hope the fact that STRANGER is a futuristic, the "spicy/carnal" sensuality rating, and the cover all converge to improve my sales!

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