Friday, August 27, 2004

STRANGER in my inbox...

This morning I found two review copies of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER in my inbox, one in pdf and one in HTML. (My poor editor puts in such crazy hours-- she sent the copies around eleven-thirty last night.) So STRANGER has been formatted and is wending its way out into the review world (yikes). Furthermore it's marked "Release Date: August 27, 2004," so it will in fact be released later today, despite my frantic last-minute review and minor edits. Keep an eye on the New Concepts Publishing site if you're interested!

Also, DH did a minor update of my website last night and added an article entitled "A Day in the Writing Life, or How to Write With Too Many Kids in the House." There's a link to it on the front page of my website.

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  1. Thanks for the b-day wishes Ellen & congrats on your new book comming out :-). Have a great day :-)