Tuesday, September 7, 2004

A busy morning

This morning I read and critiqued a short story for another author. I then got my two girls ready for school and successfully got them onto the bus. (The first grader, who went to a small private school for kindergarten, is extremely worried about school. The older girl loves her new teacher and is excited beyond words.) The rest of this morning needs to be dedicated to putting together Phoenix Rising, a group newsletter for several NCP authors. I have all the articles in my inbox... time to start cutting and pasting.

I got another fabulous fan letter from a reader the other day, this one about NEVER LOVE A STRANGER. She wrote, "I couldn't stop reading it and I hated being dragged away to eat as I got so involved with the story. I really enjoyed the book you made me laugh and cry." Can't imagine much higher praise than that *beaming proudly*.

BTW, the extremely talented Sylvia Day (www.sylviaday.com), who occasionally visits my blog, just finaled in the Brava contest! Fabulous news for her... but maybe not for me, because her entry is terrific *g*. I'm thrilled for her!


  1. Thank you, Ellen!

    I believe three of the authors were offered contracts last year. Wouldn't that be fun? I've got my fingers and toes crossed for both of us!!!

  2. That would be awesome, Sylvia. I'll cross my fingers and toes too:-). Good luck!