Friday, October 1, 2004


Or at least de-fen-es-trate. I am ready to kill my computer with a sledgehammer, or throw it out the window, and it's reduced me to chanting like a deranged Dalek. I have just spent an hour trying to get my newsletter out. I tried saving it in Word as plain text, then cutting and pasting. Yahoo insisted on reformatting it weirdly. Fine, I said huffily to myself, I'll just put it into the same document I used for the Phoenix Rising newsletter, which went just fine into Yahoo. I cut-and-pasted it into that document, saved as plain text, and then put it into Yahoo... inexplicably, the same formatting problem as before occurred. Annoyed, I cut and pasted it into a plain text email and sent it to myself, then cut and pasted the result into Yahoo... same formatting problem as before. Meanwhile, my computer decided to refuse to hold its Internet connection (something it does about three times a day) and had to be turned off and restarted three separate times. So that's one hour of time totally and completely wasted, with absolutely nothing accomplished.

I hate Yahoo. I hate my computer. I think I'm going to take a nap.

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  1. Familiar feeling to me too sometimes. I mean that you hate this modern technolocy.