Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nonwriting related big news

Listening to: John Rutter's Requiem

Reading: Suzanne MacPherson's TALK OF THE TOWN

Yesterday I got my contract from NCP on the fantasy romance, tentatively titled OUTCAST, that Angelica Hart and I wrote. Unfortunately, that was all I accomplished on the writing front yesterday. DH had the day off, and I intended to spend the day clacking away at the keyboard. Instead we went out to look at the two minivans we had narrowed our search to. And WE BOUGHT ONE!!!

To understand the magnitude of this event, you have to understand that I am married to The World's Cheapest Man, so new cars are a very rare thing in our household. Our current cars have 119,000 miles and 180,000 miles on them, and the older one has been with us since DH graduated college in 1989 (the AC, radio, and part of the heating system don't work, and most of the paint has peeled off, but it still runs, in a bumpy kind of way). So a new car is a big deal for me. Plus we really need a minivan... there's not enough room for four kids in my old station wagon. Anyway, I'm thrilled to finally be getting a minivan.

But today I'll try to get back to writing!

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  1. ROFL @ The World's Cheapest Man!!!

    Congrats on the new mini-van! I love new vehicles.