Thursday, November 11, 2004

A quick vacation

The kids have tomorrow off from school, so we decided to take three days and go visit our families. Because of school, church, and other commitments, it's been quite a while since we drove down to visit my dad and DH's parents. So tonight we'll take off. The kids are thrilled-- mostly because they get to try out the DVD player in the new minivan *g*.

I am already behind on revising UNWRAPPED, and I'm unlikely to get much work done today. I am consoling myself, however, with the thought that this is a working vacation of a sort... I plan to hit every Waldenbooks in the area and urge (beg) them to stock my book. Since I was born in the area and am "local," and since the book is set in colonial Virginia, I am hopeful they'll be willing to do so.

Anyway... I won't be blogging again till Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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