Sunday, December 5, 2004

Back at last...

Actually we haven't been gone too long, but being cooped up in a car with kids has a way of making "not too long" feel like "way too long!" We drove out to the mountains for a couple of days to attend my brother-in-law's thirtieth birthday party. I'm finally back, and DH was nice enough to update my website (after the Redskins game was over, naturally:-).

While I was gone, Alison Kent mentioned one of my comments about the Brava contest in her blog, remarking that a hero who's uncomfortable with sex is not necessarily a beta hero. True enough. It so happens that most of my heroes have been beta guys, and a significant number of them have been uncomfortable with sex, as well as somewhat awkward in other areas of their lives. I like awkward, nerdy guys, although I do try to vary my heroes so I don't get a reputation either as an author who invariably writes strong alphas or one who always writes nerds. In fact, heroes shouldn't be merely just a "type." I want my heroes (and heroines!) to come across as real people with real issues and insecurities, and if it's difficult to label my heroes as either "alpha" or "beta," that's just peachy with me.

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