Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Back from Christmas!

We traveled to southeastern Virginia for Christmas, where a surprise snowstorm promptly struck. (We didn't get a single flake here in central Virginia, but the area we were in got between four and thirteen inches, which is a lot here.) This occurred the day after Christmas, and we hung around an extra day to let the roads clear. But we had a nice time visiting family.

And the big news is-- DH finally bought me a laptop!! I'm so excited. I know this thing is really going to help me produce more writing, and to write more easily around the baby. I hereby swear to never again refer to DH as "the World's Cheapest Husband" *g*.

I hope you had a nice Christmas too!


  1. Oh! Yay on the laptop!!! That's HUGE! Congrats, and enjoy!

    Glad you're back and that you had a nice Christmas!

  2. Wonderful news about the laptop!! I'm envious. I have to wait until next month to get one.