Thursday, December 2, 2004

Of contests and other things

I didn't win the Brava contest... but Sylvia Day won the Readers Choice contest! Hurray for Sylvia!!

Kate Duffy called me late yesterday afternoon and said that although my writing was very good and the excerpt of IN THE MOOD was funny, she couldn't see a Brava hero who was so uncomfortable with sex, so she wasn't interested in seeing the full. So I emailed my NCP editor, who wants to look at the manuscript. I had DH look it over, cleared up any minor issues, and sent it out via email attachment this morning. This morning I've also sent out a bunch of LOVE REMEMBERED bookmarks to people who've asked for them. The contest may be over, but writing goes on:-).

I'm cheered somewhat by the thought that tomorrow should see my SEVENTH release, and my fifth of 2004. Not bad for a slow writer!


  1. Yay on sending your story to your editor!!!! And if Kate thought your writing was good and funny...then send her something else!

    And wow, congrats on your seventh release. Dang...I can't even imagine! *g*

  2. She did tell me to submit something else, so I will probably write something with a more alpha hero and try again. But first I have to I rewrite two stories, write a full novella for my NCP editor, and have a baby:-).

  3. Thanks, Ellen!! I can't wait to read IN THE MOOD! I've been dying to know what happens for months now. :D