Thursday, December 30, 2004

Setbacks... but writing goes on

I was informed yesterday that the print edition of LOVE REMEMBERED, which was supposed to be available in Waldenbooks in December (and on which, incidentally, I've spent quite a lot of money advertising in advance) has been placed "on hold." *Heavy sigh* No details at this time. I'll post any updates to my site as I get them.

But writing goes on. I wrote quite a bit of expansion on the futuristic I'm working on for my other publisher. I don't think I'm quite going to get it done by the end of the year (which is, yikes, tomorrow!!), but it's going along very well and should be done shortly.

Plus, yesterday afternoon I came up with the title and basic premise of the novella I want to target to Brava. It just popped into my head, the way things do. It'll be a romantic comedy, since I figure I should stick with my strengths:-). I'll probably tackle that one right after I finish my futuristic. So that's something fun to look forward to!

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! I can't wait to read it. You do comedy so well. I really admire that talent. :D