Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Time to get back to work

Various and sundry things have distracted me from writing in the last week, but today I intend to get back to work. I need to expand my portions of UNICORN QUEST so that I can send it on to my co-author and she can expand her portions of the story. This really needs to be done, since UNICORN QUEST is scheduled for mid-February, and I'll probably be having a baby around then. No last-minute edits for me!

Although if DH would just get me a laptop for Christmas, I could work in the delivery room. Yeah, I bet I have a strong enough work ethic to write through contractions. Suuuurrrre I do:-).

On another note, I just got hold of a copy of CHARMED, by Beth Ciotta. This is a sequel to her book JINXED, which I loved. I'm about halfway through CHARMED and it's just as good. She writes for Medallion Press, and it can be a little difficult to find her work, but if you like contemporary romance, go order her books. They're terrific!

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