Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We got our tree!

We finally got our Christmas tree. DH picked out a huge one, about ten feet tall-- it's scraping the vaulted ceiling in our family room, and we'll probably have to trim the top to get the angel to fit. It's nice and thick, too. We'll probably decorate it tonight. The kids are thrilled.

My FIL just sent me a digital photo of myself from last weekend, which I'm going to post to my site tonight so everyone can see what I look like at seven months pregnant. (Hint: Really huge!) I really hate having photos taken at this point of my pregnancy, but people keep asking me to post a photo of my huge pregnant belly, so I asked him to take one. Once he emailed it to me, though, and I saw how huge I really was, I kind of regretted asking:-).


  1. Hey, those Eppie finalist badges look awesome on your site!!! That's so cool, Ellen. :D

  2. Thanks so much, Sylvia. If I had my way I'd have enlarged them and posted them on every last page of my website, but DH fortunately refused to do that:-). But I am really thrilled to be a finalist!