Monday, January 17, 2005

Time to work

My co-author sent back Unicorn Quest yesterday afternoon, so this morning I need to go over it one more time. It's grown to 26,000 words! Her additions all look really good, so all I probably need to do is minor edits. But the kids are out of school today, so it will be a challenge getting work done around them. I'd like to get this thing finished and back to her by Wednesday.

I also need to get out my newsletter this morning. I should have done it this weekend, particularly after Love Remembered was released, but we put up the shelves in the girls' bedroom and I spent a lot of time rearranging their books. Between them, they have way too many books. Of course, my oldest daughter informed me there's no such thing as too many books, something I've told her in the past. But I dunno... looking at her massive collection, I'm starting to wonder if maybe it IS possible to have too many books!

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