Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! My DH already took me out to dinner (pre-baby), so I was surprised when he brought me a dozen roses this weekend. Make that stunned. I don't think he's bought me roses since college, fifteen years ago (he claims my memory is faulty, but I don't think so:-). But they're gorgeous, so I'm not complaining. I hope you all get everything your hearts desire for Valentine's Day!

But on this romantic holiday, my life is returning to harsh reality... DH went back to work today, after a week off (and after taking care of two sick kids, a screaming baby, and a recovering mommy, he's probably glad to get back to the office!), and now I'm in charge of four children. FOUR. Gulp. Well, at least two of them will be in school most of the day...


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!! And girl, you have my utmost admiration. Don't know how you do it and stay so prolific too.

  2. Well, it isn't so hard to be prolific... you just, uh... well, YOU write erotic romance, right?

    Oh... you mean my WRITING *eg*.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day & big congrats on the new baby :-). You have my admirtaion too. I can't imagine how hard it's going to be to get back into the swing of the things with a new little one but he'll be worth it :-).