Monday, February 21, 2005

Sick baby

I'm back (did you miss me??). I had to deal with the trauma of a sick baby this weekend. The new baby stopped eating well and got fussy on Thursday, and by Friday he was hardly eating at all and had developed a fever. I took him to the pediatrician, who sent me to the ER, and he was checked into the hospital that night (as I'm breastfeeding, I went in with him). He's been on an IV and antibiotics all weekend. As it happens, he appears to have just had a virus (probably the same cold the kids have been passing around the house for two weeks), but he was obviously pretty dehydrated and unhappy. The IV helped-- by yesterday afternoon he was ravenous and feisty once again, and he's now quite happy and healthy. They sent us home this afternoon.

While I was in the hospital I read:

MUCH ADO ABOUT YOU, Eloisa James (historical)
A GREAT CATCH, Michelle Jerott (contemporary)
FORCED MATE, Rowena Cherry (futuristic)
and I reread SHE WENT ALL THE WAY, by Meggin Cabot (contemporary)
Plus, while I was waiting for DH to bring me some books, I read THE ITALIAN GARDEN, by Judith Lennox, historical fiction from 1993, which one of the nurses brought me from the nurses' lounge.

I obviously read a lot, since I couldn't find a thing to watch on TV besides the occasional dog show on Animal Planet. I've really grown to hate cable... all I can ever seem to find is infomercials *groan*.

Anyway... I've never had such a young baby get sick before, and I was definitely freaked out. But he's better, and we're back, and I hope all will now get back to normal and that he'll stay healthy!


  1. I can imagine how scary that was for you but I'm glad your baby is better now.

  2. I can't imagine how horribly frightening that must have been, Ellen. Glad your baby is feeling better now.

    As for the books you read, I WISH I could read that fast. You're amazing.

  3. (((((hugs))))) on being in the hospital with a sick baby! That must have been scary. I'm so glad he's feeling better now. Having so many older siblings will give him a great immune system eventually. :D

  4. You poor thing! That sounds absolutely horrible. I'm glad the little guy is feeling better!