Thursday, February 24, 2005


I'm pleased to say I got quite a bit of writing-related work done yesterday, even though the baby was cranky and wanted to be held all day. I did a final review of the proofed UNICORN QUEST, fixed a few errors, and sent it back to my editor. I got my entry for the PRISM awards to Kinko's (I have to go pick up the printed copies today, assuming the roads don't get too bad-- it's snowing, darn it). I signed a contract and got it ready to go back to the publisher. I sent a pdf of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER to the ENDA contest coordinator. And I helped DH update my website. No cover for UNICORN QUEST yet (I'm waiting eagerly for that, but I may not get it till the book is released), but there's a link to a new interview with yours truly, a few new review excerpts, and my ENDA finalist icon has been posted to the NEVER LOVE A STRANGER page.

Even if I can't actually get any writing done, it's good to get something done besides feeding the baby!

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  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy...and there is more to being a writer, than just good on you!