Monday, March 14, 2005

Recharging my batteries

I did a lot of reading this weekend to try to recharge my writing batteries, which are running a little low. I read THE SEXIEST DEAD MAN ALIVE, by Jane Blackwood (aka Jane Goodger, although you wouldn't know that from her website, which inexplicably describes DEAD MAN as her "first book"), and finally finished Stephanie Bond's PARTY CRASHERS.

Then I read THE ROYAL TREATMENT and DERIK'S BANE, two shortish books by MaryJanice Davidson. I liked THE ROYAL TREATMENT a little better-- I particularly liked the foul-mouthed heroine. Most young women I know swear quite a bit, yet it seems like most romance authors haven't figured that out-- they treat cussing as if it's an exclusively male trait, and their female characters rarely say anything worse than "damn." I think this is one reason MJD comes across as realistic to younger readers.

On another subject, last night DH and I watched "2001: A Space Odyssey," which neither of us has seen before. DH's comment was, "Not only is it boring, but it's incomprehensible too." My comment was less articulate: "Huh?"

But on the up side, it had some very interesting modern classical music in it, which I was able to identify through Amazon (Ligeti's "Requiem") and will try to hunt down in my local music store. It's always nice to discover a new modern composer, even if you have to sit through two and a half hours of extreme strangeness to do it:-).


  1. It's always good to do that sometimes. Recharge for as long as you need to. BTW, like the changes you've made to your blog.

  2. Marguerite ArotinMarch 14, 2005 at 1:37 PM

    Recharge away, Ellen :-) & I am with you on the Huh comment about 2001. I liked the movie up until the ending the ending just left me lost and confused. But then again, most of Stanley Kubrick's work left me confused. Hated Eyes wide shut even if Tom did look yummy in it, Clockwork Orange was just downright disturbing. I think the only movie I can honestly say that I somewhat liked that he directed was Full-metal jacket and I even thought that was a little too violent for my tastes.

  3. Was Full Metal Jacket Kubrick's work? I didn't know that... I kind of liked that one, too. Although I agree, it was pretty gory:-P.