Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Various writing news

I wrote five more pages of FARTHEST SPACE yesterday. It's moving along much better now... I got my protagonists naked, so I think I have a pretty good idea where THIS scene is going:-).

I drove over to our local Waldenbooks yesterday and discovered that, yes, they are carrying NCP books. They didn't have mine, so I introduced myself to the manager as a local author, waved a bookmark at him, and asked if he wouldn't mind stocking a copy of LOVE REMEMBERED. He ordered ten (!!!) and asked me to come back in a week to sign them. A very helpful guy!

I just signed a contract with New Age Dimensions Publishing ( for my children's book, THE FIRST GRADER FROM OUTER SPACE. It's a short chapter book about an advanced reader who is skipped a grade and isn't sure she's going to like first grade-- it's based loosely on my experiences with my kids, all of whom have been early readers. I'll be publishing it under the name Elly Sanders, and it will be published as an ebook, although if it does well it may eventually see print. It looks like it will be published pretty soon, so poor DH needs to get started designing another website!

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