Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What I'm reading

I'm getting lots of reading done because I read while feeding the baby (which I seem to do on an almost constant basis:-). Notable books I've read lately include:

THE BEACH ALIBI, Alison Kent (read this one the day I got it!)
THE ENCHANTRESS, Mandy M. Roth (from NCP-- read this one in a day too)
HELLO, GORGEOUS!, MaryJanice Davidson (not bad but I still like her UNDEAD books best)
TWO FOR THE DOUGH, Janet Evanovich

Books I have in my TBR pile include THE BANE AFFAIR by Alison Kent (yes, I'm reading this series out of order, but that doesn't usually bother me), TIGER EYE by Marjorie M. Liu, and BAD BOYS WITH EXPENSIVE TOYS. And I'm haunting the local Barnes and Noble so I can pick up Lydia Joyce's debut, THE VEIL OF NIGHT, the minute it's released!

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  1. What do you think of Janet Evanovich? I'm eagerly awaiting book 11 in that series - I'm totally addicted lol.