Thursday, April 7, 2005


I got an email from Pamela Britton this morning regarding my comments on her contemporary DANGEROUS CURVES (see below). She thinks I misinterpreted the particular paragraph I quoted: "To be honest, she kind of expected that. Though he wasn't Southern-born, he'd adopted Southern ways. And in the South, women didn't become FBI agents. They joined country clubs and had babies."

I took this as a sexist thought on the part of the heroine. But if I understand Pamela's comments correctly, it's instead the heroine's ruminations on what she believes the hero thinks. I can certainly understand why a California heroine would think that-- there are definitely a lot of sexist guys in the South. I used to work as an insurance underwriter in Charlotte, NC, and I can tell you, most of the agents in small Carolina towns outright refused to talk to me at first because I was female. Scary but true.

So-- I stand corrected. I can't buy into a heroine who thinks all Southern women join country clubs and have babies, but I can certainly understand one who believes that's what Southern men think, because alas, many still do. My apologies to Pamela for implying her heroine is sexist:-).

By the way, if you're interested in DANGEROUS CURVES, there's a link to it above at Amazon.

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