Monday, April 25, 2005

Random observations

From the brilliant Deidre Knight, some interesting observations on e-publishing:

"I view online writing as a unique way to allow a writer to push the boundaries. To learn that it’s okay to write the risky books, and that if they do, a readership may very well follow...Online writers find a wealth of possibility right now, and I’m betting that in years to come the medium will come to be regarded as the place where certain cutting edge writing forms gained a foothold."

I love this woman's attitude and am going to approach her agency when I have something to offer (yes, she's rejected me before, but hope springs eternal, right?). I obviously need to target agents who don't scorn e-publishing, and she's just what I'm looking for. If only I'm what she's looking for, LOL!

And after reading Larissa's terrific post about dialogue tags that are used incorrectly, I was amused to come across "she rushed" in a book I read. As in, "I don't know if I can do this," she rushed. Obviously the author means, she said in a rush. I have never seen "she rushed" used as a dialogue tag before... and I really hope never to see it again:-).

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