Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Every little thing is gonna be all right

Today I'm borrowing from Wendy's habit of using song lyrics to title her blog entries:-).

I'm happy to say that the member of DH's family who had a heart attack is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. DH is back home. Not to be mushy, but I missed him a lot. While he was gone I critiqued a novella for a friend and watched two movies ("Hidalgo" and "Two Weeks Notice") but I was still kind of bored in the evenings without him. We'll have been married fourteen years in July, and I still really enjoy hanging with him.

And speaking of "Two Weeks Notice," it included a good example of character development (see my post below) that didn't really work for me. **If you haven't seen this movie, there are SPOILERS AHEAD**

In "Two Weeks Notice," Hugh Grant's character is a chronic womanizer, who almost sleeps with a woman other than the heroine toward the end of the movie. He didn't actually have sex with the other woman, but he obviously was planning to until he was interrupted by the heroine. A few scenes later, however, he informed the heroine he was in love with her. Alas, at that point I couldn't accept the HEA because I couldn't believe he'd given up his womanizing ways. His realization that he loved the heroine was too abrupt, and I didn't see any real effort or intention on his part to change.

What doesn't work for a romantic movie won't work for a romance novel, either. In a romance, whether it's a movie or a book, the viewer or reader has to see the changes... and BELIEVE them. And overnight character growth doesn't work.

I still think Hugh Grant is adorable, though.


  1. Glad the family member is going to be okay!

    What did you think of Hidalgo? I thought Viggo looked great and the movie had a lot of potential, but the whole thing fell a little flat for me.

  2. I didn't think Viggo looked great in Hidalgo-- he came across as wooden somehow. I liked him a lot better in Lord of the Rings.

  3. I agree with both of you, actually. I enjoyed "Hidalgo," but not as much as I would have liked.My favorite part was the stud (the horse, not Viggo:-). I didn't really connect with the main character, even though I loved Viggo as Aragorn. It was a beautiful movie, but it seemed like it was trying to be "Seabiscuit" and not quite succeeding.

  4. You do me proud, Ellen. Glad the family member is on the road to recovery.