Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Is your mouth a little weak?

I took the oldest kid to the orthodontist yesterday (along with the baby, who fortunately had calmed down and forgotten his inexplicable Hour of Rage... he seems fine now). She's going to have to have braces, even though she's not yet ten. Apparently her permanent teeth came in early. She has four baby teeth that should fall out within the next month, and then she'll get braces. (Since she's been skipped a year, the other kids in her grade are getting braces too, so this isn't a bad thing.) And the cost of these things... oy. I hope insurance picks up a lot of it!

I'm borrowing from Wendy again and using a song for the title of this post. This happens to be from one of my very favorite songs, which I listen to on almost a daily basis. I'm feeling spontaneous today, so let's have a little contest. The first person to identify the lyric above (answer in the comments) wins a pdf or HTML of my romantic comedy All I Ever Wanted.


  1. Awww on the braces, Ellen, but think of the beautiful smile she'll have later!

  2. I know, I know! Wait, am I allowed to play?

  3. Of course you're allowed to play, silly girl. Why wouldn't you be??

  4. Well, that every song I've ever heard rattles through my brain, never to leave, puts me at an unfair advantage. But, I'd really like to read All I Ever Wanted, so here goes: My Funny Valentine. Now my question to you Ellen is whose version are you listening to? Ole Blue Eyes?

  5. Uh, why am I coming up as 'unknown'?

  6. Odd. On the "leave a comment" page you're coming up as Wendy. But on the blog page you're Unknown. Not sure why that is.

    Anyway, I don't think I should discriminate against you because you have a remarkable memory:-).
    You got the right answer... email me at ellenfisher @ erols.com (no spaces) and let me know what format you want.

    And yes, I'm listening to Ol' Blue Eyes. I love his singing style. And My Funny Valentine is one of my favorite songs by him.