Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Statement analysis

I got my NCP statement for the first quarter yesterday. The disappointing part is that Unicorn Quest sold very poorly. I'd guess that the cover might be part of that-- the version of the cover on the NCP site is still much too dark and looks sort of like a green blob. That can't have helped. Also, although paranormal sells well with ebook readers, ordinary fantasy-type romance doesn't seem to be a big seller. More bad news is that Love Remembered didn't sell well in paperback on the NCP site-- but it apparently hasn't hit the stores yet, so we'll hope it'll do better there.

The up side is that my backlist seems to be selling rather well, particularly off the NCP site (I sold lots more copies from the NCP site than from Fictionwise this quarter). Never Love a Stranger sold a large quantity of copies, presumably because of my contest win and my RT ad. (Stranger hadn't yet hit Fictionwise by the end of this statement, so we'll see what happens with Fictionwise this quarter.)

Love Remembered sold quite a lot of downloads, which suggests people looked at it on the front page when it was released in paperback and decided to order the download instead. (Very sensible of them, and besides, I make more off downloads than the print copies, believe it or not, so I'm not complaining.) Isn't It Romantic? also sold pretty well, and I'm not sure why-- because it finaled in the Eppies, maybe? All I Ever Wanted sold a bit, but not as much as the others.

Anyway, my sales are up from the fourth quarter of 2004. In fact, this is my best quarter except for the quarter Stranger was released, and most of the sales were from my backlist. The fact that my backlist continues to sell is encouraging. It suggests that the RT ad had an impact. That's good news, since I have another RT ad coming up in August!

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