Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We'll fly by day

I just got the first two seasons of "Moonlighting." I used to love this show, and I think it's mandatory viewing for the romantic comedy writer-- I'd like to have that sort of witty banter and sexual tension in my comedies!

I just added Wendy Duren, HelenKay Dimon, and Beth Ciotta to the sidebar. All nice ladies with interesting blogs. If you haven't visited them before, do go check them out.

And on another topic, here's a little rant. Am I the only one who's aggravated by the "personal assistants" who post to loops on behalf of some authors? It's not that I mind the personal assistant concept per se-- in fact, I'd love to hire one, if I were rolling in money:-). But some of these promoters are cross-posting promos virtually every time an author gets a review, to the point that I'm seeing promos for the same author many times in one week. This is too many darn promos! Maybe it's getting the authors' names out there successfully and hooking some readers, but I bet it's annoying as many (or more) readers. What do the rest of you think? Is it aggravating to see this many promos, or is it impossible for an author to get her name out there too often?


  1. I've never read posts by assistants, but then, I've kept my head low for a while now. Just not enough time or patience to deal with lists, loops, and boards right now. Sounds like I'm missing some good stuff lately, though! *g*

  2. I don't spend much time on loops, but I doubt X posted promo things are very effective since people tend to just skip them.

    Love Moonlighting! I hated how it ended, but it had such great writing and characters. My favorite episodes: the taming of the shrew (Bruce Willis riding a horse with a BMW emblem on its butt) and the Dr. Seuss dialog episode. - Charlene www.charleneteglia.com

  3. Moonlighting! It was fantastic, wasn't it? Maddie and David's banter was so spot on. The cases they solved were probably interesting too, but I was always waiting and hoping from them to, ah, get to the good stuff and start smooching...

  4. I skip all the x-posted promo stuff, too.