Monday, June 6, 2005

Censored by RWA

Apparently RWA has already begun enforcing its "graphical standards" policy. PBW has a very informative post by Ann Jacobs explaining how she was suddenly notified that she wouldn't be permitted to sign her books at the RWA booth at BEA... three days in advance. Fortunately she was able to sign at EC's booth, or she would have been out several hundred dollars.

What I find disturbing about this is that she was only notified a few days in advance, and that this cover (which you can see on PBW's site) appears to be acceptable under the standard anyway. It's no more risque than many romance covers (Johanna Lindsay, anyone?) and it doesn't appear to have any of the parts showing that RWA has decreed must not show. Nor does it depict any of the prohibited activities. I suppose you could make an argument for the "mouth on breast" activity, but then again, you can't see exactly WHERE his mouth is.


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  1. Hi Ellen, I will try to post this again--just wanted to say hi after seeing your comment on the RWA fiasco (Romancing the Blog).

    I have also pubbed with NCP. Great group : )