Thursday, June 9, 2005

A debut?

I checked out AAR's new review of Joy Nash's Celtic Fire today (it got a B and a very positive review). But I was irritated by the following sentence:

"Ms. Nash has some e-book writing credits to her name, but this is her first mainstream published novel. It is a promising debut."

I checked Ms. Nash's site and found that she has two novellas with NCP (both as part of anthologies) and a novel with EC. According to, a debut is a "first appearance." An author with two novellas and a novel to her credit is NOT a debut novelist!

I freely confess this is one of my pet peeves. I absolutely loathe it when an ebook author sells to a New York house, and reviewers insist on acting as if this is her first book. You even see New York publishers doing it sometimes-- they sign on an author who's published twenty ebooks and refer to her first book with them as her "debut." It's as if reviewers and NY publishers still think e-publishing experience doesn't count as "real" publication.

And yes, that seriously annoys me.

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