Sunday, June 5, 2005

Fun, fun, fun

I've been gone most of the weekend. We went to a wedding (one of DH's cousins). It takes guts to take a baby to a wedding, as well as the willingness to run like the wind if baby decides to get fussy. There were fussy babies there, but I'm happy to say mine wasn't one of them. He was terrified by the applause when the happy couple were presented, and squealed with fear-- but it was too loud for anyone to hear him. And he calmed down right away, too. All my kids were (adequately) well behaved at the reception, even though we were there until an hour after bedtime. They slept like logs in the hotel room, though!

Baby, however, was NOT as well-behaved in the car. Baby still believes himself to be the Lord of All Creation, and he can't understand why the car won't stop when the Lord of All Creation has decreed that it must stop. Now, I'm not cruel-- I do stop the car to feed the kid, to change his diaper, and to give him a little playtime at a restaurant, but once all those things have been done, sometimes the Lord of All Creation must simply be allowed to yell until he falls asleep. Also, we were passing through the middle of nowhere, and sometimes there ISN'T any place where one can immediately stop. At any rate, thanks to the baby, and thanks to the fact that the other kids take forever to scarf down a BK hamburger and fries, a three-hour trip home became a five-hour trip home.

I am SO glad to be back*g*.

Anyway. *Yanking self back on topic* Shelley Bradley has a terrific entry over at the Knight Agency's blog about how often the writers that make it in this business are the ones that simply refuse to quit trying. I think Richard Bach put it best: "A professional writer is an amateur that didn't quit."

I fully expect to succeed hugely in this business, eventually. You know why?

I'm just too dumb to give up:-).

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  1. Ellen, I read that quote and immediately flashed back to fall 2003. I received a rejection for All Keyed Up two days before leaving for RT in Kansas City. Dejected, I was thisclose to giving up after two manuscripts and several years of failed effort. Medallion invited me to submit. They bought the book two months later. So, you never know when the next submission might be the won that sells!