Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Goodness gracious, great balls of ire

My baby is apparently teething. Ordinarily he's a cheerful little guy who goes to bed without much problem, but last night around nine o'clock he went into rage and fury mode. The agony! The horror! The outrage! He absolutely refused to nurse, presumably because his gums hurt (he actually bit me when I offered-- something he's never done before-- which did not make Mommy a happy girl) and couldn't be consoled. Finally around 10:15 we gave him baby Tylenol, and at 11:00 he suddenly decided nursing was a good idea, ate for ten minutes, and passed out. I haven't heard from him since. It's funny how teething turns perfectly placid little babies into raging balls of ire.

This morning the girls are going to Vacation Bible School. My older boy, of course, is still with his grandparents. This means an entire three hours to myself, with only the baby for company. Is it wrong to exult over this?? Okay... color me bad, because I'm exulting.

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  1. And there was great exultation!! We're kicking two of the monsters out Thursday and Friday to visit Grandma, and I'm already giddy. I have to admit, I've actually considered bribing someone to take the last one for at least a day, too. *sheepish*