Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mommy brag

Feel free to skip... this has nothing to do with writing:-).

My kids have all been early readers, a talent that runs in my family. (I don't think this says anything about their intelligence, by the way; it's just that they happen to be visual learners and remember letters and words readily.) Child number one read at 2-1/4; child number two read at three. Child number three, who turned four in May, has been reading individual words (and remembering how to spell them!) since his third birthday, but he hasn't been in any hurry to develop enough reading vocabulary to read a whole book.

Yesterday he asked me to read him a Little Critter book. It happened to be one we've never read before (when you have a thousand picture books, it's not hard to find something you haven't read before). I read the first sentence, then asked him to read the next sentence. He did. I kept pointing to the pages, and he kept reading them, one after the other, till he had read THE WHOLE BOOK!

I've suspected he could read that well for a while, but he isn't really the showoff type of kid, so I think he's been keeping it under his hat, so to speak. I'm glad he finally decided to share his ability with me:-).

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