Friday, July 15, 2005


is the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I'm as excited as my kids. I already pre-ordered the book at Sam's Club (which has the lowest price I found anywhere-- $15.67, I believe) and tomorrow morning I'll go over there and pick it up. And then... I won't read it. Two little girls are in line ahead of me. First Child #1 gets it (rank hath its privileges, and she reads much faster than any of the rest of us, anyway), then Child #2, then me, then DH (DH reads rather slowly compared to the rest of us, and he's in the middle of a Tom Clancy novel right now besides). Thank goodness Child #3 isn't reading yet! As it is, it'll still be several days before I get to read the book. WHY must these darn books come out in the summer? If only the kids were in school, I could snag it and read it while they were out of the house.

Hmmm... wonder if I could find a summer camp to dump the girls in next week on such short notice? *evil grin*

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  1. The new Harry Potter's coming out already? I pre-ordered mine from Amazon, and promptly forgot the release date. Shame on me. But I sure wish I'd known that Sam's had it cheaper ...