Monday, August 15, 2005


I've gotten a couple of nice reviews lately. Never Love a Stranger was just reviewed by The Romance Studio, which called it "an amazing sci-fi romance...the pace became so fast I couldn't stop reading. The love was utterly genuine and the sex, while not explicit, very sexy and true to the characters. And it was very hot at times, displaying plenty of the characters' emotions and desires. But it was the action, science-fiction plot, and amazing twists that kept me reading for hours. You'll expect, or suspect, one thing and get something entirely different. I loved that about this book...Never Love A Stranger is definitely a book sci-fi romance readers shouldn't forget on their buying lists."

And Coffee Time Romance called In the Mood "a fantastic sensual romance that is well written and breathes with everyday life. Alyssa has been hurt and these emotions are exceptionally defined, while Jude’s gentleness will touch any woman’s heart. The sex scenes are romantic and steamy hot. In the Mood is a great read for a night’s getaway."


  1. OK, when I first read this, I thought, I've been hurt? What are you talking about? Then I remembered that's the name of the heroine. LOL!

  2. Well deserved, too! I was hooked in the first PARAGRAPH of Stranger. Naked man in the kitchen, woot. I never find naked men in my kitchen when I go looking for leftovers! Dayum! - Charlene

  3. Thanks, Charlene:-). That's what Mrs. Giggles said too... all she ever finds in her kitchen is dirty dishes. Me too. It'd be nice to go in there once in a while and find a naked man.

    And yes, of COURSE I mean my husband *evil grin*.

  4. I told my husband if that happened it'd be the ultimate diet plan. "I was going to have carbs, but I'll have that instead!" : D Charlene