Saturday, August 27, 2005

A nice comment

On her blog, Charlene posted the following about her recent read of one of my books:

"Never Love a Stranger by Ellen Fisher had me hooked from the first paragraph. 'This is how to hook a reader,' I told my husband. 'Some writers pussyfoot around getting started, but Ellen just goes out and puts a NAKED MAN in the kitchen, first thing!' Since I’ve never found a naked man in MY kitchen while rifling for leftovers, I immediately envied the heroine and read on. This is a Good Book, especially for those of us who’d like to find something better for the waistline than pasta on the next trip to the fridge."

Thanks so much for the kind words, Charlene. Yes, I like hooks, and never start a book till I have a good one. I might not know the names of the main characters, or the plot, or even what's going to happen past the first two paragraphs... but I have to have a hook before I get started writing.

And I never find naked men lounging around in my kitchen, either. It's sad, really:-).

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  1. If I ever found one in my kitchen, I might be motivated to spend more time there! - Charlene