Friday, August 19, 2005

Too many kids! Too little writing time!

I didn't manage to make my goal today. I was aiming for 15,000 words (half of my estimated word count) done on my futuristic, but alas, I only completed 14,000 words. Close, but no cigar. Why? Well, it was a rainy day, so the kids were underfoot most of the day, bouncing off walls and generally making nuisances of themselves. But the biggest killer of my writing time occurred when I put my utterly unconscious baby down for his afternoon nap and headed for the computer, only to hear him screeching furiously fifteen minutes later.

I went into his room, leaned over his crib, and said, "So what's wrong with you?"

He only shrieked louder. I have a big problem! A serious problem! A problem of epic proportions! Alert the media! Call Social Services! It's a crisis! A CRISIS, I tell you!!!

In fact his horrific crisis was (as those of you who've had babies have probably already guessed) a dirty diaper. I scooped him up and changed it, but that was pretty much it for his nap... and for my writing time. Sigh...

UPDATE: The baby passed out for about thirty minutes a little while after I posted this, and I managed to get up to 14,600 words before he woke up again. So close! Can I round up and call it halfway done?

Nah, I don't suppose that'd be honest...

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  1. Still a very good day! maybe you can squeeze out a few more words before the day is done.