Saturday, September 17, 2005


I finished up the third chapter of my partial this afternoon. I need to go over it several times, edit, and add detail, but I'm pleased to have it mostly done. Before I can send it to the agent, however, I have to write a synopsis *curls up in ball and whines pitifully*. Aaaarrrghhh...


  1. That was fast! How do you get anything done with 4 young kids in the house...hmmm?

    I know this is for an agent but who is the target publisher, or is there one?

  2. No target publisher right now... I'll leave the publisher up to the agent. Heck, that's why I *want* an agent:-). It's a futuristic/paranormal, it's going to be sexy... I think it'd work for either Berkley Sensation or Brava, and probably some others I haven't thought about yet.

    I really have no clue how I ever get stuff done. Thank goodness the baby still takes a long nap every afternoon, or I'd be doomed.