Thursday, September 29, 2005

Up, down, all around

I finally got up my gumption on Monday morning and sent my partial to my top choice for an agent. Two hours later, my computer suffered a total and complete hard drive crash. Very distressing.

It's hard not to see this as a message from the writing gods. As Calvin once said, it seems to cross the line from unpleasant coincidence to evil omen. I've spent several days wondering if I'm meant to be a writer, or if the universe has something else for me to do instead.

Then I got the newest RT yesterday. Toward the front was an NCP ad, and in it was TRIPPING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE, which is scheduled for trade paperback release in November 2005. Well, cool... I didn't know that. Either I missed an updated schedule, or nobody told me. Not that I'm complaining-- far from it. I'm thrilled to have another upcoming paperback.

So... that's the writing life, I guess. Horrible setbacks followed by delightful surprises. I think the writing gods just like yanking my chain a bit. I can't seriously consider giving up writing... what would I do with all these people talking in my head? I don't think it would be healthy to ignore them:-).

Anyway, I'm checking my email every so often at the public library (with screaming baby in tow), so don't expect an immediate response if you email me. But do remember that if you live in central VA, Monica Burns and I will be signing books at the Brandermill Barnes and Noble on October 1 from 2-4:00.


  1. I feel your computer pain and I hope you get it fixed ASAP! Congrats on the print release for Tripping, it's a terrific anthology.

    And wooo, the Nov. RT is out! I gotta get a copy, there's a review of DG. : ) - Charlene

  2. {{{{{Hugs}}}}}} on the computer crash. Been there. Thank heavens for the public library.

  3. Nice news with anthology coming into print! Best of luck with computer. I was borrowing a computer when "Tripping" came out. It was truly a pain because... I wanted to read that eBook! ;)

  4. Ellen: I didn't know Tripping was coming out in paperback either! But like you, I'm not complaining. I'll have to wait patiently for my copy of RT. I hope your computer is up and running soon, and best of luck with the agent query. I sent out my queries a couple of weeks ago so await impatiently LOL