Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blah blah blah

The baby learned to babble last night while eating dinner. Evidently he made a sound while eating and discovered he liked the sound. Since then, he's been cheerfully inundating me with babble. This has led to a lot of conversations like this:

Baby: "Ba, ba, blah, ma, ma, ba, blah." Pause, with expectant look toward Mommy.

Mommy: "Really? What else do you think?"

Baby: "Ba! Blah! Ma ba!"

Mommy: "No kidding? Do you really think so?"

Baby (clapping hands to celebrate own brilliance): "Blah? Ma mla? Ba!"

Mommy: "Yes! I totally agree!"

Baby (clapping hands for Mommy because she acknowledges the baby's wisdom) :"DAH!!"

This has caused strangers to look at me oddly in stores, for some reason. Can't imagine why... what else are you supposed to say to a babbling baby? I mean, come on, what kind of a mom would say the truth? "I'm sorry, kid, I can't understand a word you're saying... talk to me in a couple of years."


  1. Ellen,
    I've got to say, I'm fascinated with your blog. Your topics are always interesting!

  2. Thanks so much, Laine. You're too kind... I can't imagine anyone's interested in reading about my baby's first babbles other than myself, and possibly the proud grandparents. But I'm glad you're enjoying my blog!