Thursday, October 6, 2005

Busy (but not too busy to buy books)

I've had a slightly hectic day. I went out before noon to retrieve the preschooler, then came back and realized The Knight Agency's midday chat (previously scheduled for tomorrow) had been moved to today. I'd already missed half of it, but I logged on anyway (to the dismay of the preschooler, who wanted lunch) and checked out Deidre Knight's good advice. I then fed the preschooler and the baby and put the baby down for a nap. I then emailed an agent about something I was supposed to send (the hard drive crash caused a delay, and I don't want her to think I'm totally unprofessional). In half an hour I need to cruise off and fetch the oldest child, who stayed after school for math club. The baby won't be happy to be awakened from his nap, but that's life when you're the youngest of four!

I did buy Jenna Petersen's Scandalous this morning. Since I rarely read historicals any more, you might wonder why I decided to buy it. Simple... Petersen is a newish author, and she's done a lot for the romance writing community by maintaining The Passionate Pen all this time. I figure she deserves my support. I read the first chapter, and it's quite good. I try to support new and newish authors by buying their books new as much as possible (and I frequently enjoy their books more than books from established authors anyway... not sure why that is, exactly). Next up to purchase is Sylvia Day's Misled, a paranormal that looks simply fabulous.

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