Monday, October 3, 2005

Intermittently yours

Sorry for my intermittent posts lately. I tried to blog earlier, but Blogger claimed it was down for "scheduled maintenance" for an hour, although its hour of maintenance seemed to stretch out to much of a day. I'm assuming part of that was UNscheduled. Also, I'm sorry for the small font, but this computer isn't giving me the correct "create post" page... I'm not sure why.

Anyway. I had fun signing books on Saturday, even though I hardly sold any (and Cathy Maxwell, who's a NYT bestseller, only sold two or three, so this didn't really reflect on me!). It didn't help that the bookstore put us way over in a corner, but honestly, in my experience book signings rarely move many books unless it's a mall store and they put you at the entrance to the store.

On the up side, I did get to meet Monica Burns, who's a lovely person-- I enjoyed chatting with her. I also bought a copy of THE ART OF PLEASURE, a print NCP anthology with novellas by Monica and Charlotte Featherstone, and it's awesome. I really enjoyed it.

I had company yesterday (baby was baptized, so DH's family came for the service and lunch afterward). DH bought a new computer Saturday night, and he's taking the day off trying to get it installed. (He's also trying to save my old hard drive... keep your fingers crossed!) Hopefully sometime this week I'll be back in business with a newer, better, more reliable computer and a decent internet connection!

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