Friday, October 28, 2005

Ready for Halloween...

I think I'm ready, anyway.

OK, who is utterly obsessed with all things Star Wars, is going to be a Jedi Knight ($13 costume plus the light saber she already owns). Kid #2 is going to be a skeleton (costume already hanging in closet from last year, when OK used it). Kid #3 is going to be a firefighter ($10 costume-- and the jacket will go nicely over his injured shoulder and conceal the sling). A nice cheap Halloween. I'm not as cheap as the World's Cheapest Husband (who is??), but I don't want to spend a whole lot on Halloween, either. I try to buy inexpensive costumes, on sale if possible, and reuse them as much as I can. Unfortunately the kids don't always want to wear the costumes we bought last year or the year before, but I do my best to recycle them where possible!

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  1. My kids are too old for trick or treating, although the youngest is still going out on Monday. I would have been embarrassed to trick-or-treat at 15, but the times have changed!

    At any rate, when they were little, I made them homemade costumes. They were a blast. I made homemade matching batman costumes, homemade ninja turtle costumes, I made my eldest a spiderman suit that he wore on a daily basis; when the eldest was a baby, he, his father and I went to a party as pieces of Wrigley's gum. One of the funniest was when my youngest wanted to be a computer. I made a poncho out of grey vinyl, painted his face grey (that's when we found out how sensitive his skin is), busted apart an old computer and glued the pieces to the vinyl poncho. After twenty houses, the kid was exhausted--that costume was heavy!

    My dh and I used to host a Halloween party every year. His best costume was a half-man/half-woman outfit I made for him. For me, I was most proud of my "pond scum" costume, which was very creative, but nobody knew what I was! I looked like green/yellow mold with insects all over me. Pond scum was pretty clear to me! This was when I got an inkling that I think a little different than regular folk...

    One year my husband and I went to an office party with me as a pumpkin and he as a pretty disgusting "pumpkin eater." We won best couple prize, LOL.

    Ah, those were the days. I'm relieved not to have to spend my Octobers making costumes anymore, but the memories are great.

    Have fun with your kids, Ellen!