Friday, November 11, 2005

Getting a grip

After DH and I talked about Christmas Carol for a while, I realized it was missing some backstory and conflict. It also had some gaps in the plot. I sat down to fill in one of the holes yesterday and suddenly found myself writing a very important scene, one that totally clarified all the backstory and explained why my characters behaved the way they did. Just like that, I suddenly had a grip on my characters and the story. I wrote that scene, then went through the story and added things here and there so the scene fit.

And now it's just about done. DH will read it once more tonight, I'll tweak as necessary, and then it will go off to my editor this weekend.

In other news, baby, who's been sleeping through the night for months, was up last night around 3:30, screaming hysterically. I nursed him, and he settled down and went back to bed. But I've never heard him so irate. Is nine months old too young to start having bad dreams, do you suppose?


  1. Don't you love it when you find that missing piece? Congratulations on finishing. - Charlene

  2. had a tummy ache perhaps? first visit to your blog. You Romance writers are amazing. Me? I write historical fiction...plodding along.(No kids at home, just a new bird who thinks he's one!)