Saturday, November 19, 2005

My lucky day

Today is evidently my lucky day. The stars are in alignment, and big things are happening. According to messages in my inbox, this morning I've won the Irish lottery (350,000 euros), the British lottery ($3.5 million in American dollars), and the "Eu-Arizonal Asian lottery" ($650,000 American dollars). Wow... how lucky can one person get? I'm so awash in good luck I figure that agent will be calling any minute now, begging to represent me. But then again, maybe I should just quit writing and retire with that four-plus million.

Nah... I won't let my sudden riches change me, guys. Don't worry. I'm the same old Ellen I've always been. I'll keep writing, I promise. But not this afternoon.

Right now, I need to go call around and see if I can buy a nice big limo.


  1. I've won one of those too I believe! Wow! What a coincidence! Imagine that. Two authors at NCP winning the same lottery. ;)

  2. *sniff* I never win the lottery. - Charlene