Thursday, November 17, 2005

Okay, so Thursdays aren't so bad

See, I should have been more patient... something nice did happen today. Nicole blogged about In the Mood today and said some very nice things about it. She said, "I loved the hero here. He's just so damn nice! And so sweet in helping Alyssa get over her fear of intimacy. Ahh...everyone needs a guy like that. Sweet and focused on pleasing you in bed. Perfect." She also called it "a really sweet, but really sexy romance."

Thanks so much, Nicole! I take back everything bad I said about Thursdays!

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  1. I think engaging in a little blog-hopping over early morning coffee and then discovering that somebody’s blogged about you or your book is an absolutely ideal way to start the day. ;-) And what lovely comments she made about your story! Makes for a great unsolicited quote to add to your website! :-D