Thursday, November 3, 2005


Well, in order to get going more seriously on writing again (so that I can have one release every two months next year and get my sales up to where I want them to be!), I pulled out the laptop and wrote in the living room this morning, while the baby zoomed around the floor. I then wrote in my normal writing period this afternoon in my office. I have written ten pages on my shapeshifter romance and three pages on my Christmas story. Not bad. DH has tomorrow off, and I'm hoping he'll hang with the baby and let me get some serious writing done tomorrow, too.

Here's where things stand right now on submissions:

One paranormal partial with an agent
One query in to editor on contemporary romance
One query in to different editor on shapeshifter romance
And... trying to get Christmas story done on time, even though it's not technically contracted

That's a lot of stuff out there, considering I've been loafing *wry grin*. I'm figuring out my goals (a la Charlene) for 2006 and aiming partials where they need to go. I haven't been much for setting goals in the past, but I really want to target my writing to the right markets this next year, and I think setting goals will help me do that.


  1. A book every two months? Are you planning to sell your kids or something? That sounds like a huge amount of work.

  2. What a pretty and unique look your blog has, Ellen--very nice! Took a quick look at your website and the cover for Tripping through the Universe really made me smile. It’s so cute!

    I looked up your blog after reading your reply to my post on the EC author list. :-D I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog--thanks!--but now it’s time to delurk, woman! LOL

    It’s good that I popped in here to read your post this morning because it was exactly the motivation I needed to get myself organized and set some concrete writing-related goals for 2006. Things were flowing at a nice even pace and now I find myself suddenly juggling several writing projects and deadlines at once. And it’s a little daunting. :-0

  3. I'm with Daisy! I'm doing the NaNo thing at my own pace. But already my new job keeping me from home 14 hours a day. I can't write until my day off. But, I need a job to pay for writing! LOL. ;)

  4. You make me feel very very lazy.