Friday, December 9, 2005

Almost done

Despite the children underfoot this morning, I did do a lot of edits on The Shadows of Night today. Oddly enough, the book that looked starkly awful to me a few days ago didn't seem half bad today. It's weird how you can lose all perspective on your own writing. I get that "God-this-is-hideously-awful" feeling sometimes and have to step away from writing a book for a couple of days sometimes to regain perspective. Anyway, I edited for content, then handed it over to DH to read. It still needs the last scene finished, and lots more edits done, but it's getting there.


  1. I'd be stunned if I wrote something and didn't think it was crap. It's hard, but 'm guessing that's all part of the writer's journey. Take those few days off. It helps you recharge.

  2. Yay for almost done!
    I can't imagine it being crap. :)