Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I went to visit family for Christmas, and couldn't get access to the Internet the whole time:-(. The horror! The horror! *grins wryly* But I'm back now. Hope all of you had a great Christmas!

This will be a random, disorganized, catching-up kind of post. First of all, I was delighted to find my blog recognized on Top Ten Sources. Wendy Koslow writes, "Ten women. Ten authors. Ten bloggers.Every blogger is a writer, but these women have something else to bring to the table - they show us how they translate the professional writer's medium to the everyday space of a weblog. They give us a glimpse of how daily life can be told in art. A double whammy, but the good kind...These women write about the world, the 'real' and the literary one. It's an inspiration and a rich resource." My blog is listed there with *gulp* Jennifer Weiner's and Sandra Scoppettone's, among others. Not really sure how little old me got listed (I didn't send them my link or anything; this is completely out of the blue!) but I'm certainly flattered to be included amongst such august company.

Second, I visited two bookstores while I was in Virginia Beach and found at least one of my books in each. Very exciting! They also had a goodly number of other NCP books, especially newer ones. Looks like we're shipping regularly now *crosses fingers*. I was also intrigued to find a number of Loose-Id trade paperbacks in Borders. Are their books being shipped to bookstores on a regular basis now? Anyone know? UPDATE: A search on Google indicates that, yes, Loose-Id books are now being carried in Waldenbooks and Borders. Yay! Small press books are starting to fill the romance section!!

Next, my critique partner just started a blog. Do drop by and check it out!

And finally, I got a nice four-cup review for Christmas Carol from Coffee Time Romance. Wateena said, "Ms. Fisher really brings out the ambiance of Christmas with emotions and even a wish or two in this festive romance. From the Christmas tree they light up together to the sex scenes, this makes for one very hot and beautiful story. The perfect read for this time of year." And I forgot to mention before Christmas that Gina had listed Christmas Carol as as recommended read in her sidebar-- thanks so much, Gina!

I hope all of you had a great holiday!

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