Thursday, December 15, 2005

Edits and other stuff

When I logged onto the computer this morning, I discovered a couple of readers were saying nice things about Christmas Carol on one of the Yahoogroups I hang out on. That was nice to wake up to!

Last night, I figured out what was missing in The Shadows of Night. Just like Christmas Carol, it was missing a chunk of the hero's backstory. The backstory came to me in a flash (while I was cooking, strangely enough), and I worked it all in this morning, weaving it throughout the story. Now we have a much stronger conflict and much more insight into the hero's character (and, not coincidentally, the hero for book #2 in the series, too!).

If baby will go down for a nap (he's currently howling in his crib), I'll try to finish up the last few pages of the manuscript today. I had a flash on that, too, so I know exactly how to finish it now. I like to think of these flashes as "intuitive writing," but a more accurate phrase for it might be "I can't plot worth sh*t" *wry grin*.

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