Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cartoon covers

Charlene has a great new cover for her next Samhain release, Miss Lonely Hearts. I've always liked cartoon covers, and I liked this particular cover so much that I requested a cartoon cover for my upcoming Samhain novella, I'll Be There For You. Cartoon covers convey "light, fun contemporary romance" very well, I think. Some artists don't do them well, but Samhain's artist obviously has a talent for them!

Another thing I asked for was that the artist try to incorporate some skyline in the cover to show the story is set in the city. Like In the Mood, I'll Be There For You is set in Norfolk, Virginia (as opposed to most of my other contemps, which are set in the more-or-less-fictional small town of Swift Creek, Virginia). Norfolk isn't a big city like Charlotte or Atlanta, but it has a very urban feel-- lots of people live right downtown, and there are lots of restaurants, a good museum, and an excellent opera and symphony. I hope I'm getting the urban feel across in these novellas, and I'd love for the cover to reflect that!

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  1. When you get your new cover, be sure to post it! :)